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Best Virtual Exercise Programs

This past year, virtual activities have taken a predominant place in our lives. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite virtual exercise programs to help you stay fit and get strong. 

  1. Peloton. Although Peloton is known for its stationary bikes and cycling classes, the company also offers additional exercises through their app. Take part in guided runs, yoga classes, or try out a cardio session on their app. If you have a Peloton bike, join live classes that are streamed directly onto the screen attached to the bike and see who you’re riding against on the leaderboard. 
  2. Obé Fitness. If you’re looking to get a quick, intense workout accomplished, Obé Fitness is for you. Obé Fitness classes take place on their web or phone apps and they offer cardio, HIIT, yoga, and boxing classes in either 10 or 28 minute sessions. 
  3. ClassPass. This program is perfect if you want a wide variety of classes and services at your fingertips. Purchase credits and take part in virtual workouts from all major fitness studios via ClassPass Live. 
  4. Daily Burn. Try Daily Burn if you’re looking for workouts that won’t get repetitive. Daily Burn offers more than 1,000 ranging from the beginner level through advanced levels. Classes range from 10 minutes to an hour and they are all taught by expert trainers. 
  5. OpenFit. This program offers both on-demand, pre-recorded classes and live, interactive classes led by personal trainers. OpenFit has a variety of class options, ranging from pilates, barre, cardio, and strength training. 

Is a Ring Light Worth It?

Now that we’ve been spending so much of our time on video calls, you might be wondering what a ring light is and if it’s worth it to purchase one. A ring light is a lighting tool that’s used to enhance the lighting and brightness when taking photos and videos, and contains a circular fluorescent lightbulb. Ring lights provide an even light onto their subject while reducing shadows and minimizing blemishes, and they ensure their subject doesn’t look washed out. Many even come with a tripod or a holder to connect your phone to the light while you’re taking photos or video. 

If you’re looking to step up your appearance on video calls, a ring light could be the perfect solution. It’s not always easy finding an area with flattering lighting while you’re working from home, so a ring light will ensure that your face is always well illuminated while chatting on a video call. Most ring lights are inexpensive and compact, making for easy storage and effective lighting. 

Will you be purchasing a ring light? Let us know! 

How to Speed Up Your Computer

Whether you have a brand new computer or are using an older model, it’s inevitable that your computer will experience slower than usual speed at some point in its lifetime. We all know that feeling of frustration when an app you’re using freezes or completely quits while you’re working on something important, and although we probably can’t diagnose what’s going on, we’re here to provide some tips to get things back up to speed.

One of the easiest fixes for a slow computer is to clear your cache. Your cache is composed of data you pick up when you visit different websites on your browser so the next time you visit that website, you don’t have to load all of the data again. When your cache is full, however, it might slow down your computer since it’s holding onto older data. Check our blog post guiding you through clearing your cache here.

Another option to help speed up your computer is to uninstall unnecessary software. Go through all of the applications you’ve downloaded onto your computer and remove any you don’t use anymore and delete any old files you no longer need to clear up some disk space. Don’t forget to clear your trash once you’ve removed all of these files —  your trash still holds onto all of the data you’ve discarded. 

Make sure your computer software is up to date, as well. Installing the latest version of your computer’s operating system will ensure that your computer is running smoothly on the most recent version released. 

Check for viruses. It’s likely you’ll pick up a computer virus at some point while browsing on the Internet, and they’ll likely cause problems for your computer. Install a third-party tool to detect any viruses or bugs you might have picked up online —  many programs offer constant monitoring and protection for viruses. 

Although a slow computer is an inconvenience, these simple tips are sure to help speed things up and get your computer running back to normal in no time. 

Getting to Know the Basics: BOSS Logics Live Glossary

Get to know the basics of BOSS Logics Live as we break down each of the platform’s features in our glossary.

Proposal: A Proposal is a collection of product offerings from a host that is associated with and presented to a client. A Proposal contains information like notes, product quantities, and sentiments, and it can be sent via email or downloaded as a CSV file. 

Reception Room: The Reception Room is where clients will view which team members that have profiles on the platform are online and available. Clients can schedule a meeting with a team member or send them a message here, as well. 

Product Gallery: The Product Gallery displays all of the merchandise that has been imported into the platform that your company is selling. Apply filters to view specific products. 

Assortments: Assortments are groupings of specific products to be used in presentations for any client —  they’re a way to share the same collection of products with multiple clients, and are useful for showcasing new releases, full collections, or affiliations. For example, you might create an Assortment to share your Summer release or to present your Valentine’s Day Collection. 

Tasks: Tasks will display your to-do list and completed tasks. Tasks can be assigned before, during, and after meetings. 

History: History will display records of all previous interactions with clients, chats, assortments, and more. 

Interactions: Interactions are any type of communication (chat, virtual meeting,in-person meeting, etc.) between a client and a team member. 

Rules: When setting your schedule, rules determine your availability for appointments. 

Bulk Imports: Bulk Imports are used to quickly import large quantities of data into the platform. 

Universal Imports: Universal Imports are preset imports to easily get data into the platform.

Custom Imports: Custom Imports are created for specific files that are unique to a particular business. 

Content Library: The Content Library is used to share supplemental assets to clients during presentations. Upload assets such as product videos, PDFs, and hi-res images to share with clients. 

What are the Benefits of Meeting With Clients on BOSS Logics Live?

BOSS Logics Live is the perfect platform to both use in lieu of and to supplement your traditional sales meetings. The platform was created to mirror in-person meetings and was built to include all of the facets of a typical sales meeting. We’re going to break down the benefits of using the platform to regularly meet with your clients on BOSS Logics Live. 

  1. It’s easy for clients to see your availability and set a date an appointment that works with their schedule. Share the link to your company’s Reception Room on your website, in your email signature, or send it via any messaging app. Clients can see when each associate is free and lock in a time for an appointment. 
  2. Meet with up to nine people on one screen, and invite guests to join your meeting — simply copy and paste the appointment URL and send it off to invite new clients to join your appointment. 
  3. Supplement product presentations with assets in the Content Library. Spice up your presentations by sharing images, PDFs, or videos with your clients during appointments. Once you click on an asset in the Content Library during a meeting, it will automatically appear on your client’s screen. 
  4. Create individualized Proposals prior to meeting with your clients, or develop a brand new Proposal in real time as you chat with your clients and learn about their needs. Collaborate on your Proposal with your client so they can add notes and sentiments about each product. 

Overall, BOSS Logics Live brings the personalized in-person to the virtual world as each of the platform’s unique features aims to closely replicate the feel of a typical sales meeting. 

Why You Should Sign Up For Our Newsletter

Did you know we have a newsletter? We typically send out an email blast anytime we roll out a new update on BOSS Logics Live and when we have exciting news to share. It’s super easy to subscribe, too. Simply scroll down to the bottom of our website —  you’ll see a heading that says ‘Interested in More Information?’ Type your email address in the box below that and click Contact. It’s that easy! Read below for three reasons why you should sign up for our newsletter. 

  1. Here at BOSS Logics, our team of developers is dedicated to making the user experience as premium as possible on BOSS Logics Live. Each time we release a new version of the platform, we send out a newsletter describing what’s changed. We even include screenshots so you can see how things are different. 
  2. We also list out all of the fixes we’ve made since our last release. If you were experiencing a bug or noticed that something wasn’t right, you’ll see that it’s been listed under the fixes section. We’ll note each issue that’s been handled in this section.
  3. We’re always looking to enhance BOSS Logics Live —  and we’d love to hear from you! We always include new updates that are on the horizon, and if you have any insights or ideas for new features you’d like to share we encourage you to respond directly to the newsletter or to email

How BOSS Logics Live Can Save You Time and Money

What’s better than saving both time and money? The short answer —  not much. But did you know BOSS Logics Live can help you cut back on both? 

BOSS Logics Live is the perfect tool to use both in lieu of and to complement in-person meetings. One of the greatest advantages of the platform is the potential savings this will have for a business while increasing their opportunities to foster connections with clients. As businesses host sales meetings on the platform, there’s less of a need to travel around the country for in-person appointments, resulting in lower overhead, and overall establishing more consistent and focused communication with clients. With the need for travel minimized, businesses can also save time as users can meet anywhere they please.

Businesses will also save time through quick and efficient appointments. Appointments have a clear start and end time, and there’s no travel time to get to and from meetings. Not to mention you can take appointments from anywhere —  whether it be from your home, office, or phone (BOSS Logics Live is compatible on mobile devices!) 

Convinced yet? Check out our explainer videos for vendors and retailers, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more.

Three of Our Favorite BOSS Logics Live Features

One of the best parts of BOSS Logics Live is the fact that so many of its features are unique to the platform. Whether it be importing your entire product inventory, using the scheduling and calendar functionalities, or inviting guests to join your appointments, we have you covered. Not to mention we’re constantly working to develop new features that will amplify your BOSS Logics Live experience. Read below to learn about three of our favorite features on the platform.

  1. BOSS Logics Live is completely customizable. Personalize everything from the Reception Room background color, to what clients first see when they join an appointment, to how many appointments per day you’d like to allot on your schedule. It’s easy to individualize all of these features, too. Simply click on the Administration button in the menu bar at the top of your screen and select Configure to start making the platform unique to your brand. 
  2. Create collaborative Proposals with clients. During appointments, you can add items of interest to your client’s Proposal and toggle between sharing it with the client or keeping it hidden. As you talk through a client’s interests and needs, adjust product quantity, add notes, and indicate preferences in the Proposal window located at the bottom of the appointment screen.  
  3. Want to supplement your appointments with a presentation? Not a problem on BOSS Logics Live. Upload videos, lookbooks, or any other type of supplemental asset into the platform to showcase during appointments. Once you click on an asset in your Content Library in an appointment, it will automatically appear on your clients’ screen.

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How BOSS Logics Live is Transforming the Jewelry Industry

It comes as no surprise —  the jewelry industry is incredibly successful. However, it tends to use more traditional sales techniques and old school methods for selling. Once BOSS Logics Live came onto the scene, there was a shift that has forever transformed the industry with the development of our virtual sales platform. 

For the first time ever, the need to physically be in the same place as your customer was diminished. BOSS Logics Live seamlessly combines the familiarity of in-person meetings and the convenience of the virtual world together in one user-friendly platform. Traveling across the country to meet with a client or packing a bag full of products for a sales meeting will soon feel like a distant memory as BOSS Logics Live goes beyond the new normal to make this happen virtually. 

The platform simplifies meetings to make them all about the customer —  they choose a time that works best for them so sales associates have their full attention, and during meetings, associates can view a handy contact card with valuable client information like purchase history and affinities. While screen sharing or showing products on camera on other platforms is a must, BOSS Logics Live steals the show with its interactive element to sales meetings. Associates can beautifully showcase their product gallery with high-resolution images and 360 degree views of products, all while having a face-to-face conversation with their customer at the top of the screen.

Staying in touch has never been so simple. With BOSS Logics Live it’s easier than ever for jewelers to have a quick meeting with clients located around the country to check in and strengthen their relationships. 

Evolution is a constant in business, and here at BOSS Logics, we’re committed to making sure vendors and retailers have the best technology at their fingertips to enhance their business practices while connecting with and selling to customers. 

Three Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

It’s been a year since we began working from home and although it was an adjustment at first, working in an office is starting to feel like a foreign concept. As routines changed and new boundaries were set, work from home quickly became the new normal. If you’re starting to feel a bit burnt out from the work from home life, here are three tips to help you stay productive. 

  1. Stick to a routine. This one might be challenging, but your productivity is bound to improve if you maintain a routine. Wake up at the same time everyday and get dressed to start your day. Set specific times that you’ll eat lunch, exercise, or check in on coworkers or friends. Don’t forget to stick to your regular working hours, too. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you need to work all night long. It’s important to separate your work day from your personal life. 
  2. Take regular breaks. Short breaks are the key to staying productive —  they’re the perfect way to clear your head and let your mind and body recharge. Go for a walk outside to get some fresh air and even a little exercise, too! Call a friend or play with your pet for 15 or 20 minutes. You’ll feel so much more productive after taking your mind off work for a few minutes. 
  3. Designate a specific workspace. One of the most important things you can do to stay productive is creating a space that’s used solely for work. Working from bed or the couch might sound enticing, but you’ll be much more prone to distractions in spaces that are typically designated for sleep and relaxation. Try to find a spot with a door so that you can close out any distractions and stay on task and work from there daily.