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August 11, 2021

Getting to Know the Basics: BOSS Logics Live Glossary

" alt="Getting to Know the Basics: BOSS Logics Live Glossary">

Get to know the basics of BOSS Logics Live as we break down each of the platform’s features in our glossary.

Proposal: A Proposal is a collection of product offerings from a host that is associated with and presented to a client. A Proposal contains information like notes, product quantities, and sentiments, and it can be sent via email or downloaded as a CSV file. 

Reception Room: The Reception Room is where clients will view which team members that have profiles on the platform are online and available. Clients can schedule a meeting with a team member or send them a message here, as well. 

Product Gallery: The Product Gallery displays all of the merchandise that has been imported into the platform that your company is selling. Apply filters to view specific products. 

Assortments: Assortments are groupings of specific products to be used in presentations for any client —  they’re a way to share the same collection of products with multiple clients, and are useful for showcasing new releases, full collections, or affiliations. For example, you might create an Assortment to share your Summer release or to present your Valentine’s Day Collection. 

Tasks: Tasks will display your to-do list and completed tasks. Tasks can be assigned before, during, and after meetings. 

History: History will display records of all previous interactions with clients, chats, assortments, and more. 

Interactions: Interactions are any type of communication (chat, virtual meeting,in-person meeting, etc.) between a client and a team member. 

Rules: When setting your schedule, rules determine your availability for appointments. 

Bulk Imports: Bulk Imports are used to quickly import large quantities of data into the platform. 

Universal Imports: Universal Imports are preset imports to easily get data into the platform.

Custom Imports: Custom Imports are created for specific files that are unique to a particular business. 

Content Library: The Content Library is used to share supplemental assets to clients during presentations. Upload assets such as product videos, PDFs, and hi-res images to share with clients. 

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