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July 14, 2021

Three of Our Favorite BOSS Logics Live Features

" alt="Three of Our Favorite BOSS Logics Live Features">

One of the best parts of BOSS Logics Live is the fact that so many of its features are unique to the platform. Whether it be importing your entire product inventory, using the scheduling and calendar functionalities, or inviting guests to join your appointments, we have you covered. Not to mention we’re constantly working to develop new features that will amplify your BOSS Logics Live experience. Read below to learn about three of our favorite features on the platform.

  1. BOSS Logics Live is completely customizable. Personalize everything from the Reception Room background color, to what clients first see when they join an appointment, to how many appointments per day you’d like to allot on your schedule. It’s easy to individualize all of these features, too. Simply click on the Administration button in the menu bar at the top of your screen and select Configure to start making the platform unique to your brand. 
  2. Create collaborative Proposals with clients. During appointments, you can add items of interest to your client’s Proposal and toggle between sharing it with the client or keeping it hidden. As you talk through a client’s interests and needs, adjust product quantity, add notes, and indicate preferences in the Proposal window located at the bottom of the appointment screen.  
  3. Want to supplement your appointments with a presentation? Not a problem on BOSS Logics Live. Upload videos, lookbooks, or any other type of supplemental asset into the platform to showcase during appointments. Once you click on an asset in your Content Library in an appointment, it will automatically appear on your clients’ screen.

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