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August 25, 2021

Is a Ring Light Worth It?

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Now that we’ve been spending so much of our time on video calls, you might be wondering what a ring light is and if it’s worth it to purchase one. A ring light is a lighting tool that’s used to enhance the lighting and brightness when taking photos and videos, and contains a circular fluorescent lightbulb. Ring lights provide an even light onto their subject while reducing shadows and minimizing blemishes, and they ensure their subject doesn’t look washed out. Many even come with a tripod or a holder to connect your phone to the light while you’re taking photos or video. 

If you’re looking to step up your appearance on video calls, a ring light could be the perfect solution. It’s not always easy finding an area with flattering lighting while you’re working from home, so a ring light will ensure that your face is always well illuminated while chatting on a video call. Most ring lights are inexpensive and compact, making for easy storage and effective lighting. 

Will you be purchasing a ring light? Let us know! 

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