July 28, 2021

Why You Should Sign Up For Our Newsletter

" alt="Why You Should Sign Up For Our Newsletter">

Did you know we have a newsletter? We typically send out an email blast anytime we roll out a new update on BOSS Logics Live and when we have exciting news to share. It’s super easy to subscribe, too. Simply scroll down to the bottom of our website —  you’ll see a heading that says ‘Interested in More Information?’ Type your email address in the box below that and click Contact. It’s that easy! Read below for three reasons why you should sign up for our newsletter. 

  1. Here at BOSS Logics, our team of developers is dedicated to making the user experience as premium as possible on BOSS Logics Live. Each time we release a new version of the platform, we send out a newsletter describing what’s changed. We even include screenshots so you can see how things are different. 
  2. We also list out all of the fixes we’ve made since our last release. If you were experiencing a bug or noticed that something wasn’t right, you’ll see that it’s been listed under the fixes section. We’ll note each issue that’s been handled in this section.
  3. We’re always looking to enhance BOSS Logics Live —  and we’d love to hear from you! We always include new updates that are on the horizon, and if you have any insights or ideas for new features you’d like to share we encourage you to respond directly to the newsletter or to email product@bosslogics.com

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