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July 7, 2021

How BOSS Logics Live is Transforming the Jewelry Industry

" alt="How BOSS Logics Live is Transforming the Jewelry Industry">

It comes as no surprise —  the jewelry industry is incredibly successful. However, it tends to use more traditional sales techniques and old school methods for selling. Once BOSS Logics Live came onto the scene, there was a shift that has forever transformed the industry with the development of our virtual sales platform. 

For the first time ever, the need to physically be in the same place as your customer was diminished. BOSS Logics Live seamlessly combines the familiarity of in-person meetings and the convenience of the virtual world together in one user-friendly platform. Traveling across the country to meet with a client or packing a bag full of products for a sales meeting will soon feel like a distant memory as BOSS Logics Live goes beyond the new normal to make this happen virtually. 

The platform simplifies meetings to make them all about the customer —  they choose a time that works best for them so sales associates have their full attention, and during meetings, associates can view a handy contact card with valuable client information like purchase history and affinities. While screen sharing or showing products on camera on other platforms is a must, BOSS Logics Live steals the show with its interactive element to sales meetings. Associates can beautifully showcase their product gallery with high-resolution images and 360 degree views of products, all while having a face-to-face conversation with their customer at the top of the screen.

Staying in touch has never been so simple. With BOSS Logics Live it’s easier than ever for jewelers to have a quick meeting with clients located around the country to check in and strengthen their relationships. 

Evolution is a constant in business, and here at BOSS Logics, we’re committed to making sure vendors and retailers have the best technology at their fingertips to enhance their business practices while connecting with and selling to customers. 

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