August 4, 2021

What are the Benefits of Meeting With Clients on BOSS Logics Live?

" alt="What are the Benefits of Meeting With Clients on BOSS Logics Live?">

BOSS Logics Live is the perfect platform to both use in lieu of and to supplement your traditional sales meetings. The platform was created to mirror in-person meetings and was built to include all of the facets of a typical sales meeting. We’re going to break down the benefits of using the platform to regularly meet with your clients on BOSS Logics Live. 

  1. It’s easy for clients to see your availability and set a date an appointment that works with their schedule. Share the link to your company’s Reception Room on your website, in your email signature, or send it via any messaging app. Clients can see when each associate is free and lock in a time for an appointment. 
  2. Meet with up to nine people on one screen, and invite guests to join your meeting — simply copy and paste the appointment URL and send it off to invite new clients to join your appointment. 
  3. Supplement product presentations with assets in the Content Library. Spice up your presentations by sharing images, PDFs, or videos with your clients during appointments. Once you click on an asset in the Content Library during a meeting, it will automatically appear on your client’s screen. 
  4. Create individualized Proposals prior to meeting with your clients, or develop a brand new Proposal in real time as you chat with your clients and learn about their needs. Collaborate on your Proposal with your client so they can add notes and sentiments about each product. 

Overall, BOSS Logics Live brings the personalized in-person to the virtual world as each of the platform’s unique features aims to closely replicate the feel of a typical sales meeting. 

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