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October 6, 2021

Virtual Wine Tastings Recommendations

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Looking for a fun activity to do at home? We have the perfect solution —  host a virtual wine tasting for family and friends. Relax and unwind with your favorite bottle of wine and catch up with your loved ones in a virtual tasting or class —  you’ll learn the ins and outs of what you’re drinking and you’re sure to be a wine connoisseur by the end of the evening. Best of all, most tastings are free to join. We’re rounding up the top 5 virtual wine tastings to try out at home. 

  1. Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis on Coursera. This course is perfect for someone who wants to improve their skills and expand on their knowledge base. The class is through UC Davis and takes about 14 hours to complete. You’ll discover wines from around the world, build a basic vocabulary to describe what you’re drinking, and learn about food pairings. The only catch? You’ll have to buy the wine on your own as it’s not included in the course. Sign up here.
  2. Virtual Wine Tasting 101 on Coursehorse. This class is ideal for a beginner who wants to learn how to properly taste wine, basic wine terms, and how to differentiate between wines that appeal to you. The class is interactive and it’s only two hours long, taking participants through five different types of wines. The starting price is $25 and you’ll need to buy the specific wines ahead of time. Sign up here
  3. Virtual with Us. Although this class was created as an activity for business colleagues to virtually socialize, it’s also great for groups of eight or more. The company curates top wines and works with sommeliers and wine professionals. Starting at $200 a person, this class is pricier than others, but it includes premium wines, sommelier fees, event planning fees, and all shipping and taxes. Sign uere
  4. Bouchaine Vineyards. Hosted by a winery in Napa, Bouchaine Vineyards offers 50-minute virtual tasting sessions (Winemaker 101, 201, and 301) for all levels of knowledge and experience. Each class is taught overlooking the beautiful estate vineyards, and you’ll be able to set a time that works with your schedule. Classes start at $59 and include two, three, or four wines from the vineyard depending on the class level and are shipped directly to you. Sign up here
  5. The popular website tapped winemakers and wine critics for virtual wine and spirits tastings. Hosts of the classes will share stories about winemaking, artistry, and entrepreneurship, and all classes are free. The wine or spirits that go along with the tastings can be purchased directly from Sign up here

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