June 23, 2021

Is Remote Work Beneficial For Employees?

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It’s been a little over a year since we’ve left the office and started working remotely, and while it felt confusing and foriegn at first, it’s hard to remember a time when we actually left our homes to get to work. Although there are some downsides like higher stress and blurred lines between work and personal time, has remote work been beneficial for employees? We came up with three reasons why remote work might be more favorable for employees. 

  1. Employees are saving time and money. Before we were commuting 20 steps to the kitchen table to start our days, workers were spending a substantial amount of time getting to and from the office —  without this commute they’re getting back valuable time that was previously spent in transit. Not to mention the money saved, too. With no commute, there’s no need to spend money on parking, subway, or bus passes. Our wallets are thankful! 
  2. Working remotely has given employees the opportunity to relocate to a new location that they otherwise might not have gotten to visit. It’s now easier than ever to take a trip while getting the same work done in a new location. A change in scenery is also helpful for getting more work accomplished. 
  3. Remote work leads to an increase in productivity. Employees experience less distraction when they’re not surrounded by coworkers, overall resulting in more time spent focused on their tasks. Workers can also take more frequent breaks to refresh their minds and recharge. Communication is also simplified because it’s often written out leading to less of a chance for miscommunication. 

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