June 16, 2021

What are the Benefits of Meeting with Clients on BOSS Logics Live?

" alt="What are the Benefits of Meeting with Clients on BOSS Logics Live?">

BOSS Logics Live isn’t like any other sales platform out there. It combines the best parts of a video chat with the ability to upload your product inventory, client lists, and proposals, all in one succinct virtual platform. So, what are the actual benefits of meeting with your clients on BOSS Logics Live? We’ll take you through the top three strengths of the platform. 

First, it’s easy to schedule appointments with clients, and you can do this a few different ways. Copy the scheduling link from your homepage and paste it into your email signature, display it on your website, or send it via a messenger app. When clients click on this link, they’ll see your availability and can schedule a meeting for a time that works best for them. You can also share a link to your Reception Room with clients. Your clients will see a grid listing everyone in your organization and can schedule an appointment here, too. Starting an appointment with a client on the fly is simple, too. Click the Create Appointment Now button on the homepage, select a client, and start your meeting. 

Another great benefit of using BOSS Logics Live is the ability to completely customize the platform to reflect your branding. Personalize everything from background and header colors during appointments and in the Reception Room, select what clients see when they first enter a meeting, and upload your logo to be displayed throughout the platform. 

Finally, the platform mimics the act of bringing a selection of pieces to an in-person sales meeting with the Assortment feature. Assortments can be created to showcase a grouping of specific products in a presentation. If you have a new Spring release, create an assortment of pieces within this collection and easily share it with different clients during appointments. You’ll always be able to filter for Assortments in your Product Gallery and within an appointment so that you can easily present your product grouping. 

Want to learn more? Watch our explainer videos at vimeo.com/bosslogics or check out bosslogics.com/bosslogicslive-retailers/

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