April 22, 2021

What is the Reception Room on BOSS Logics Live?

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Wondering what the Reception Room is and what it can do for you? We’ll break it down for you. The Reception Room is located in the drop-down menu in your profile tab, and it’s where clients will view a grid of all team members from your company that are on the platform. The Reception Room is unique to your company, so you can share the link on your website, paste it in your email signature, or send it to clients via any messaging platform so they can start making appointments with anyone in your company that is visible on the platform. 

In the Reception Room, clients will see which associates are online and available for an appointment at a glance, and they can either request to start an impromptu meeting or they can click on a team member’s contact card to view their future availability and lock in a time for an appointment. Clients can send associates messages through the Reception Room as well. 

Overall, the Reception Room is a hub that your clients can access to easily schedule appointments and email associates.

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