March 30, 2021

The Real Difference Between BOSS Logics Live and Zoom

" alt="The Real Difference Between BOSS Logics Live and Zoom">

Did you ever think you’d be spending this much time on video chats? We definitely didn’t! With the video chat boom taking over our computer cameras, it’s hard to keep track of which platform offers which features. So, what’s the real difference between BOSS Logics Live and Zoom? We’re here to help you get to the bottom of this and show you what makes us stand out from the competition. 

BOSS Logics Live is an entirely interactive experience. Associates and customers can see each other at the top of the screen and simultaneously view a brand’s entire product gallery below. Want to know the best part? Associates and customers can even track each other’s movements and see what the other party is currently looking at —  similar to working collaboratively on a Google Doc. 

Speaking of your product gallery, when a brand sets up their account they’ll have the chance to import their entire product gallery into the platform, including product information like price, style number, description, and more. Brands can upload high-resolution images and 360 degree views of products for a more realistic feel. 

During appointments, brands can showcase their product gallery in a branded, virtual showroom. Users can import their logo and customize both the background and header colors to represent their brand. BOSS Logics Live users can also upload assets and media like HD quality videos to supplement their presentation. 

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