March 1, 2021

What People Are Saying: Quality Gold Testimonial

" alt="What People Are Saying: Quality Gold Testimonial">

We were excited to partner with wholesale jeweler Quality Gold, which manufactures and markets jewelry and gift products to more than 23,000 retailers across the U.S. and Canada. We sat down with Jeff Wynkoop, Director of Buying Groups and E-commerce Sales to discuss how his team integrated BOSS Logics Live into their sales strategy this year. 

BOSS Logics: What led you to BOSS Logics Live?

Jeff Wynkoop: The global pandemic led us to BOSS Logics Live. We needed a way to connect with customers and knew we weren’t going to do that in person this year. We were looking for a system that would enable us to connect with our retailers and at the same time showcase our products; we needed to find a solution that would hit those strategic selling points so that’s how we came across BOSS Logics Live.. 

BL: What did it take to implement BOSS Logics Live?

JW: Implementing BOSS Logics Live was super easy. The BOSS Logics team held several meetings and took the time to teach our staff how to use the platform and guide us through the different features. Once my team understood how to utilize the platform, it was easy to increase our sales. 

BL: Was BOSS Logics Live well received by your sales team? 

JW: Once the BOSS Logics team took us through the platform, my sales team was on board. One of our sales associates owned a business before he came to Quality Gold and was initially against the platform. Now that he’s been working on it regularly, he doesn’t know how he did business without it. He loves the platform and how he can show his customers new products without spending money on travel. Our team has been very successful with BOSS Logics Life. 

BL: Did BOSS Logics Live Increase your sales performance?

JW: We saw an uptick in sales through BOSS Logics Live. The platform was directly responsible for helping us make new connections and for allowing our retailers to order products early enough for them to arrive for the holiday season. BOSS Logics Live helped us raise sales in the double digits percentage-wise and we’re very grateful for the platform as we can easily interact with our customers and show them new products. 

BL: Did BOSS Logics Live help Quality Gold save money in travel this year?

JW: Our travel expenses are the lowest they’ve ever been this year due to BOSS Logics Live. We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses and we’ve had the same results we would have seen if we were going to in-person trade shows. 

BL: Were retailers accepting of BOSS Logics Live? 

JW: Yes, we thought it would be a challenge but once they saw the ease of use and ability for them to see products, they were super excited. They were able to see and discuss things they wanted to talk about as well, since meetings felt more like a conversation than a sales presentation. It was easy for retailers to participate in meetings because they were pre-scheduled, rather than my team cold-calling them, which allowed the retailer to give us their time without distraction. 

BL: Any final thoughts on BOSS Logics Live?

JW: I’m a huge fan of the platform. I was able to connect with a customer who I was never able to meet with at trade shows in the past. We had never been able to sit down together in person, but he gave me the opportunity to discuss business on BOSS Logics Live and now we’re close to doing triple digit figures with him for the year, so overall, the platform has been extremely beneficial to Quality Gold.

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