February 22, 2021

What People Are Saying: David Yurman Testimonial

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David Yurman is one of our longest standing clients – we’ve been working with the brand for about a decade, powering their Digital Directory and creating many innovative solutions for the brand and their products. By the time BOSS Logics Live came to fruition, the David Yurman team was on board and excited to learn how to implement the platform within their business. After months of hard work and preparation, David Yurman successfully held its first Market Week completely online, exclusively using BOSS Logics Live for all meetings and presentations. We sat down with Maria Valim, Senior Vice President of Sales, to discuss what it’s like working with BOSS Logics and how her team adapted to a virtual sales approach with BOSS Logics Live. 

BOSS Logics: What were some of the challenges that led you to BOSS Logics?

Maria Valim: In one word, the pandemic. We had to quickly pivot to figure out how we would reach our retailers during a selling market. We typically have appointments in-house with the full David Yurman experience at our showrooms, but with travel restrictions in place, we needed to pivot and figure out how we could give our customers the same elevated experience they would get in our showroom. 

BL: How did you evaluate your options before deciding to use BOSS Logics Live?

MV: Here at David Yurman, we do a lot of due diligence. We scoured the market to evaluate what was out there and put together a spreadsheet of what each company could offer us. After checking the pros and cons of each competitor, we determined as a team that BOSS Logics was the best suited company with the strongest program to work with David Yurman on our first virtual market. 

BL: What did it take to implement this new virtual strategy? 

MV: It was quite something to implement BOSS Logics Live. It was incredible to work in partnership with such an amazing organization as BOSS Logics. BOSS understood what David Yurman was looking for and the level of detail that David Yurman puts into not only design but everything they touch. BOSS Logics held our hand and made the team feel comfortable and pivoted to produce the best possible product, achieving exactly what they set themselves out to do. 

BL: Was BOSS Logics Live well received by the David Yurman team? 

MV: David Yurman has a tenured sales team that is used to high-touch selling and was hesitant to digitize the market process, but when they heard we were working with BOSS Logics’ product they were relieved. This was the first time in the sales team’s career that they couldn’t come in and actually touch the product, but our team was proud to showcase BOSS Logics Live and embraced the product wholeheartedly. In the end, the platform completely surpassed our expectations with sales during any kind of market. 

BL: Did BOSS Logics Live make the sales team more efficient? 

MV: Absolutely. Being able to go into the platform and predetermine assortments prior to showing it to retailers was a game changer. We had the ability to do the homework on our side in advance and toggle with our digital directory and bring in existing products. Our sales team was incredibly efficient because they had all of these functions to have the best possible assortment and presentation at their fingertips. 

BL: Were retailers accepting of this new sales method? 

MV: This type of presentation and platform was the best they had experienced to date. 

BL: Was it easy for retailers to participate in a BOSS Logics Live meeting? 

MV: Absolutely. We were able to have multiple associates and buyers on screen at one time to make them feel connected and see each other as they typically would as a team. The BOSS Logics team worked with David Yurman to make sure we were showing the best part of each product. To be able to have the product come to life on screen for our retailers was extraordinary. 

BL: Any final thoughts?

MV: We’re already looking forward to the next evolution of BOSS Logics Live. We’ve started a dialogue for the upcoming market and how we can make it better and even more dynamic with BOSS Logics Live. This type of platform will always be part of our lives in some way, shape, or form no matter what the world brings after the pandemic. It’s efficient not to have to fly people all over the country and to do a market in a shorter period of time than you typically would if it was in-person.

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