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January 27, 2021

What’s New: Product Imports and Integration

" alt="What’s New: Product Imports and Integration">

Our goal is to make importing your inventory into BOSS Logics Live as simple as possible to ensure you can start selling right away. We’ve made changes to allow for seamless product integration with Google Product Feeds and Shopify. Read the list of updates below to learn what updates we’ve made to product imports.

  • We can now easily integrate with Google Product Feeds, making it simple to integrate your website content.
  • We offer an option for Shopify integration with uploading data and images to the platform.
  • Images can be pulled from their URL and imported with a file name which allows the image to then be pulled in with values to indicate the ordering sequence.
  • We’ve included a dictionary on-screen to provide information on data points that are imported; be sure to visit the expanded items import to see the latest fields available.
  • We have expanded drag-and-drop functionality for quickly organizing your images and matching bulk-uploads.
  • We’ve added a new media uploading feature in the product gallery for simple and immediate product updates. Simply click on an item and hit the media button to add images and videos.

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