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January 23, 2021

What’s New: Proposals and Wishlists

" alt="What’s New: Proposals and Wishlists">

We know that creating and sending proposals or wish lists are a critical part of finalizing a sale, so we have been working on perfecting this feature to best benefit both the seller and the customer. Check out a list of the latest updates we’ve made to proposals and wishlists below.

  • We’ve renamed ‘Lists’ to Proposals (B2B) or Wishlists (B2C).
  • Proposals and Wishlists are now more prominent during a BOSS Logics Live session. 
  • We’ve added a quantity indicator for each item in the Proposal/Wishlist panel.
  • We’ve added the ability to change a client’s rating, notes, and quantity for an item in their Proposal or Wishlist.
  • There is now an action to add or remove from a Proposal or Wishlist to reflect if an item is already on the list.
  • The proposal dialog will now display the totals of the current order.
  • Proposals and line sheets will now download and be sent via email with an Excel Worksheet with images included.
  • We’ve added the ability to search for client’s Proposals and manage the items in their list in the product gallery.
  • We’ve added indicators for client rating, Proposal/Wishlist notes, and quantity.
  • Our system has been updated to no longer push proposals at the start of meetings.
  • Now your clients won’t sneak a peek at your proposal before you’re ready. Click the eye icon in the proposal tab during your meeting once you’re ready to share.
  • We’ve added a spreadsheet download option from the Proposal dialog and a line-sheet attachment to client emails. 
  • ‘Collaborate’ mode in the cart dialog will allow the meeting host to sync up with their client and drag and drop products around the gallery.
  • We updated the design to break out the proposal options from the drop down menu for Edit, Email, and Download.

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