January 21, 2021

What’s New: Appointments

" alt="What’s New: Appointments">

Some of the BOSS Logics Live’s biggest evolutions have been in updating the way vendors and retailers conduct appointments. We are constantly working to make meeting with clients feel as similar to the in-person experience, while ensuring that the appointment screen is as easy to navigate as possible. See the latest changes we’ve made to appointments below.

  • The last entered form values will now be remembered for one day.
  • When a client requests a scheduled appointment all submitted information and advanced information related to IP address along with a threat evaluation (anonymous, known spammer, or attacker) will now be included in the confirmation email.
  • We’ve created a chat option where participants can message with the group and send links during meetings.
  • Spotlighting a user will now launch everyone in the meeting into conversation mode.
  • Hosts can now mute their own video asset audio during presentations.
  • We’ve added a new warning system when a user opens an appointment twice in the same browser to prevent issues with the video stream disconnecting repeatedly.
  • We’ve also included the addition of ‘5’ results to the limit results and the spotlight and client removal buttons have been redesigned. 
  • The scheduling workflow has been revamped to allow meetings to be confirmed or rejected by the client or meeting host. 
  • Hosts can pin and feature individual video feeds for showcasing products. 
  • The spotlighting feature will pin the selected video to the front of the stream feed when users are in gallery mode, and when users are in conversation mode, the spotlighting feature will expand the video feed to be the priority video.
  • Video assets will display a tracking bar to show where all party members are within the current video.
  • Should the client need to wait for the host, they will now be shown some basic information to ensure they know they are in the right place.

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